1. Spead Freek

From the album Just The Tip

Brand new recording (original version available on "The Monster That Made The Man")!


Come on!!!

Junkyard dog with balls of steel
Sink down low and grab the wheel
I rule the streets in Ransom's ride
And keep his legacy alive
I speed across the darkened land
A fusion of machine and man
I deal in iron, steel, and cash
And dreams of glory burned to ash

Caution to the wind
He who dares, wins
Rules are for the weak
'Cuz I'm the Spead Freek

Engines scream a battle cry
Pulses race in perfect time
The stage is set, the gauntlet thrown
Another sucker that I'll own
Challenge met, I can't turn back
Rubber lays a smoking track
Those who've come before have tried
But no man born can take my ride


One twenty-five and runnin' strong
My six point six movin' right along
Octane-fueled adrenaline
Let's me rule the streets again
Pounding heart and streaming sweat
It's close, but it ain't over yet
No way I can lose my ride
Slam the gas and let it fly


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