1. Fetish

From the album Just The Tip

Brand new recording (original version available on "The Monster That Made The Man")!


Feather touch against your skin
Tracing every luscious inch
Blinded eyes flutter closed
Gentle sigh escapes your lips
Hot breath on your silky throat
Brings building heat between your
Subtle brush of skin on skin
Creeping tingle along your

Come into my private space
I'll take you to that special place
Of passion, lust, and pleasure's pain
Enter ecstasy's domain

Soothing silk, the ties that bind
Keep you under my control
Awakening your primal thirst
As I feed your starving soul
Leather cracks, sonic shock
Ring of fleece around your
Bead of sweat along your brow
Pounding pulse inside your

Free your fantasy
Take your cue from me
Decadence of a sexual kind
It's all in fun, so relax your mind
And let your fetish fly


Inhibitions left behind
The prim and proper cast aside
Give into your carnal side
And step onto my wild ride
Hot to touch, sweet to taste
Hardened flesh against your
Crashing waves, volcanic blast
Take my love into your


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