1. Face Down

From the album Just The Tip

Remixed and mastered (original version available on "Clues: $1")!


Ricky rode a rocket
To the dark side of the mind
Runnin' outta fuel
Runnin' outta time
Ricky gonna burn up
Ricky gonna crash
Gonna lose his way
Ain't never comin' back
He said it would make him taller

Ricky fell to Earth
He never made a sound
A million miles an hour
When he hit the ground
Sensors on the fritz
Communications fried
Pushed beyond the limit
That's how Ricky died
Sleepin' with the creepy crawlers

Face down in the mud
Baking in the rising sun
Hard to see the light
When you're lyin'
Money or it's blood
Piper gotta get his pay
You won't feel a thing
When you're lyin' face down

In the mud

Ricky wasn't famous
Never won a prize
Just another number
Who lived until he died
No one will remember
No one will shed a tear
His story won't be told
No one will ever hear
He set his ship on self-destruct

(Chorus X2)
(Chorus X2)

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