1. I'm The One

From the album Just The Tip

Newly remixed and mastered (original version available on "Clues: $1")!


I am!
Man and machine, my motor runs clean
I'm a rocket shooting out into space
I bring the heat, make you kneel at my feet
A blazing gun that'll blow off your face
I'm alive, so baby let me drive
I keep the pedal all the way to the floor
Here's a tip, I shoot it from the hip
I'm comin' in, don't bother lockin' the door

I bring the rock, I bring the roll
I take command of your mortal soul
I pillage and destroy like a Viking on the loose
My power plant's pumpin' and I'm crankin' out the juice
I give it all, ain't usin' no illusion
Get in line for a metal transfusion
I got the injection to cure your disease
Crank me to eleven and blow me away

Thunder in the sky, I'm lightin' up the night
I'm comin' with a primal roar

I'm the one! Metal's most wanted
I'm the one! Takin' what I please
I'm the one! My chamber is loaded
I'm the black sheep of society

Give and take, pleasure's what I make
You don't know it but I got what you need
I'm all action, total satisfaction
I'm on the prowl and I'm ready to feed
Grab the reins, feel the heat in my veins
My power risin' up from inside
Take the hint, I'm chompin' at the bit
Climb up on my pony and ride

Doin' 69 and my piston is pumpin'
My amp is overloaded and my sub is thumpin'
Gauges are red and I'm ready to fly
Drop your defenses in a wink of an eye
Rock & roll soldier with a "dare me" grin
Take a bite of your brain and spit it out again
Grab my weapon and get in position
I close the deal with my stiff proposition


I gotta go, I hope you liked the show
Shiver when you get off your knees
You wanna cry, but girl, this ain't goodbye
I'll be back so I can do what I please
Whatcha say, was I makin' your day
Your satisfaction is my guarantee
What a ride, like a rocket in the sky
You got me right where I want you to be

I'm a warrior of the modern age
Weapon ready when I take the stage
March to battle to the call of REVILUTION
Make my stand and get my retribution
I stand alone, a predator in motion
Nothin' comin' close, my mold is broken
Perfect combination of form and function
I'm a walkin' weapon of mass destruction

(Pre-chorus X3)
I'm comin'!!!

(Short break)
I'm the black sheep of society
I'm the black sheep of yo mama!

I am!!!

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